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Cybercrime Defense Multi-Faceted [Infographic]

cybercrime defense is multi-faceted

Multi-Faceted Cybercrime Defense

Multi-faceted corporate cybercrime requires multi-faceted cybercrime defense, including education of employees regarding social engineering and phishing.

Employee education is a big part of cyber defense these days, just because of the nature of the attacks. It’s absolutely vital that you educate your employees to be suspicious of emails from people they don’t know and to avoid, at all costs, opening suspicious links.

– Kirk Porter, President of Avitus Technologies

Cybercrime Defense Checklist:

-Report scams to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

-Implement bug bounty programs, if possible.

-Bolster intrusion defenses to flag email extensions similar to yours.

-Register all domains similar to yours (i.e., .net, .org, .co).

-Add two-factor authentication to vendor payment changes.

-Phone-verify requests for fund transfers;

-Include two-factor authentication,

-Use old phone numbers, not those in an email.

-Familiarize yourself with customer payment habits, to identify anomalies.

-Scrutinize all requests for funds.

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