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Must-know Business Continuity Planning Essentials

Think big picture to craft an effective business continuity plan. Use this guide to build a plan that:

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In times of disruption

A Strong Business Continuity Plan can Help You Keep the Doors Open

Business owners spend their waking hours focused on day-to-day operations. There is one more question that you need to consider: do you have a business continuity plan in place to make it through difficult times? In 2020 it was a global pandemic. But environmental events, economic downturns, and even online attacks are just a few other obstacles that your business could realistically face in the future.

1. Start with your employees

Identify employees critical to your business continuity and recovery in a crisis and define their roles and responsibilities in those times. Learn more in the guide. 

2. Keep your customers’ needs in mind

Maintaining communication with your customers is important, and so is adapting to meet their changing needs during disruptions. Get a few pointers from the guide. 

3. Prep your tech

Technology can make or break your company in times of disruption. You need to ensure you can communicate, complete orders, track inventory, complete payroll, and so much more to keep your doors open. Our guide has more on the topic.

4. Know your insurance coverage

Nothing is worse than thinking you’re covered and finding out, when you need it most, that you are not. Our guide helps you make sure you understand your insurance coverage before a crisis hits.

5. Check the Supply Chain

You might be prepared, but are the suppliers that you rely on also prepared? Download the guide for a few tips on making sure they are.



Must-know Business Planning Continuity Essentials Booklet

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