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The best time to start saving money on next year’s taxes is right now.

The one thing we wish more businesses would understand: that tax preparation isn’t just something you need to get through and get over with. Businesses who actually spend time on tax prep in January end up saving time, stress, and thousands of dollars in the long run. It’s incredible how a small amount of planning can make such a big difference!

This January, invest in your business with a free, one-hour business tax assessment with our experienced tax specialists. Offer ends February 1, so act now!

  • Have a real conversation with a specialist about last year’s return.
  • Get the questions answered that your accountant doesn’t have time for.
  • Find out about changing tax laws.
  • Walk away with the new knowledge that will save you money.

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Avitus Group Tax Planning & Preparation Services

Make 2020 the year you master your long-term tax plan.

When you work with Avitus Group, you’re essentially hiring a team of highly-qualified tax specialists with decades of collective experience across a range of industries. From specialty taxes to international taxes, we’ve pretty much seen and managed it all, and we make communication our number one priority so that you’ll never be left with questions. Plus, when you work with Avitus Group, you can contract with just one vendor for all your business needs.

Have a real conversation — get real answers.

At Avitus Group, we’re strong believers that you need to be properly informed — it’s the only way you’ll be able to make the right tax plan for your business and stick to it when things get busy. During this free assessment, our specialists will spend a full hour answering all of the questions your accountant is too busy to answer (especially during tax season!).

“Your Springfield office has gone above and beyond to help keep our computers/servers going strong. The new Help Desk has been a great addition to the team and helps provide instant service for those problems that aren't major emergencies.”

Debby LeMaster

"Avitus Group allows us to be able to dedicate our resources and precious time toward our business, and really focus on what we do best."

Rachel Anderson
Member since 2002

Learn how you can improve and set goals for the years ahead.

Every year, tax laws evolve and change. Effective tax strategy means these laws don’t hold you back. During our one-hour assessment, we’ll identify missed opportunities in the previous year and help you learn how to leverage changing restrictions and exemptions for the best possible outcome.


Request your free, one-hour tax assessment now.

Get the answers you need to start planning your long-term tax strategy and save money for years to come (not just this year).

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Offer expires Friday, January 31st, 2020.

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