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Alternative to Upgrading Windows 7

Download our guide on staying secure without upgrading

Microsoft ended support for windows 7 january 14, 2020

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Inside the Windows 7 Upgrade Alternative Guide


the workaround

Windows 7 is no longer secure, so if you’re not ready to upgrade here’s your workaround.


how it works

What versions of Windows 7 it works with, how long it will work, & other critical aspects.


things to consider

The good, the bad, & other things to keep in mind while considering this alternative.

Why Do Anything?

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7, leaving your system vulnerable to security breaches and prone to operational issues. Taking action will help secure your IT systems, protect your business, and maintain compliancy.

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Have Questions about Windows 7 Upgrades or Alternatives?

If you have questions about Windows 7 upgrades, alternative methods, staying secure, or anything else IT related, reach out to us. We're here to help your IT system be an asset, not a liability.

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