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The Rise of the Virtual Practice

Grow your revenue, reduce turnover and avoid fines in a few simple steps

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Presented by:

Cole Halpin, Director of IT Services at Avitus Group
& Ashley Nicholson of Cosentus

This Event is Provided Courtesy of the Avitus Group Med XP Program

The Benefits of Med XP

Reducing your administrative burden and liability is just a few steps away

Sustained Cashflow

Our dedicated Patient Service Team is 100% focused on collecting patient balances that are due to you.

Shared Liability

Since we’ll share liability related to compliance with employment, safety, benefits administration and workers compensation laws our team will stay current on rapidly changing laws and rules. Meaning you don’t have to.  

Improved AR Status

From credit balance resolution through denial management to patient follow up, Cosentus will remarkably improve your AR status.

…all for one predictable monthly price.

Additional services, including Branding & Marketing, Tax Planning & Preparation and Insurance are also available.

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