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Avitus Payroll has changed.
You now have options.

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Part Hosted, Part Managed

You want more than hosted, less than fully managed. We’ve got you covered.

Avitus Payroll is a cloud-based, automated payroll solution that comes with a dedicated Avitus Payroll Services expert at your disposal.

Fully Managed

You already have fully managed payroll with Avitus Group and like it that way. No problem.

Your services won’t change. Avitus Group will continue to manage your payroll functions exactly as we do now. Only your pricing will change.

Do payroll in real time, anywhere and anytime–24/7/365 via any digital device.

Manage payroll reliably with payroll preview automation (including check calculation) and secure connections.

Scale easily as your company grows.

Contact your dedicated Avitus Payroll expert for support- the same friendly person every time you call.

Avitus Payroll is payroll made simple

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