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Want to attract and retain serious talent? Then it’s time you got even more competitive with your benefits package. Today’s job seekers look for great quality perks like vision, dental, a 401k, and more when they’re weighing their options.

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Boost your benefits with co-Employment Services from Avitus Group

Amping up your benefits package doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Setting up a competitive benefits package as a small or medium-sized business can be costly. But when you become an Avitus Group co-employment member, our large group buying power means you’ll get access to amazing benefits at a much lower rate. Plus:

  • Choose from different coverage tiers for a range of price points. 
  • Enjoy easy access through a network of national carriers.
  • Employees get direct access to manage their plans online.
  • You and your management team will save valuable time. 

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