The Business Experts

Business wisdom at your disposal

Until you run a business yourself, few people understand the pressure you’re under. As an Avitus Group member, you’ll appreciate the fact that we’re led by people who have been in your shoes, made those tough decisions, and developed the knowledge you need to get where you want to go.

Executive Team

Kenneth L. Balster

President of Avitus Payroll Services, Inc. and Avitus Business Services, Inc.

Donald P. Reile

President, Avitus, Inc.

Steve Bentley

Senior VP of Finance

Management Team

Andrew Lindley

Vice President of Operations

Anne Arrowsmith

Directory of Talent Acquisitions

Beth Stephenson

Marketing Manager

Brenda Sherrodd

Director of Accounting Services

Dan Jeziorski

Director of Client Marketing Services

J.J. Hutzenbiler

Chief Financial Officer

Jewell Christensen

Payroll Manager

Jim Liddell

Director of Tax Services

Jodi Milliron

Director Of Payroll And Benefits

Josh Balster

Executive Vice President Of Avitus Group

Justin Steppe

Information Technology Manager

Jeff Thomas

Video Production Manager

Kirk Porter

President Of Avitus Technologies

Michael Lynch

Vice President of Risk Management

Michael Magone

Information Systems Manager