Simplify your business and manage payroll efficiently.

Take a vacation at the end of every pay period – you’ve earned it.

Your employees look forward to payday, but you dread it. Not because you don’t celebrate the hard work your employees do for your business, but because for you it means hours of paperwork and details – time you should be spending doing what you’re passionate about.

The Avitus Group payroll team does more than just simplify your payroll responsibilities – we take care of the whole thing. Through our co-employment relationship, you’ll receive the benefits of personable service streamlined for the modern world.

Let us show you how we can help.

Tired of updating time cards for your team members, or looking up their records manually? Grant your employees access to their pay stubs and accrued PTO via the AvitusNet mobile and web app. With a simple interface, it provides your employees with the updated information they need and makes your life a lot easier. You can also log in on your end to approve time records, view detailed reporting, and take care of other management tasks. Employees will also be able to access timecards through our TCP web portal.

  • Employee-facing access, including mobile paychecks.
  • Admin access and full transparency.
  • Detailed reporting, including time records and check registers.
  • Job cost reports depicting true labor costs.
  • Accessible via mobile and web interfaces.

Ask About Our Co-Employment Offering

For a management service that goes beyond payroll, ask us about our co-employment offering. Through this arrangement, Avitus Group becomes the employer of record for your workforce — which means you get to avoid all the headaches and paperwork that come with managing risk, handling worker’s compensation claims, and administering benefits, in addition to managing payroll.

“Payroll is key for us. This was an all day Sunday task to get done as it was impossible to do during the week; not to mention the frustration of the IRS, State forms, and deadlines. Turning that all over to Avitus Group has been the best decision we ever made.”


Avitus Group Payroll Services

With Avitus Group, you’ll get an integrated, tech-savvy approach for added convenience; a designated trained representative knowledgeable in payroll compliance within your particular region, who is available during your local work hours; a knowledgeable backup team of payroll professionals for uninterrupted service; and the assurance of knowing your information will be stored on our multi-redundant, secure servers for extra protection. Schedule a personal consultation today.

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