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Manage PPP Funds for Maximum Loan Forgiveness

Were you one of the business owners who were awarded part of the $350 billion in the first round of the Paycheck Protection Program? If so, that’s great news–but you probably have questions about how to properly manage and maximize those funds.

Specifically, the Paycheck Protection Program has feature unlike most business loans–the ability to have at least a portion of it forgiven. That opportunity, and the legal requirements of the program, are critical for every business owner to understand.

The team at Avitus Group has created a comprehensive document outlining the program and answers many of the most common questions about it.  To download it, click on the image below.



*Information current as of April 21, 2020.



Payroll process checklist

Ready to process payroll? Check your Payroll Readiness Score and get tips on how to make your payroll process bullet-proof.

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