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Your Small Business Owner Makeover

gain control, update or grow your small business

While every small business and small business owner is different, they all have similar back-office needs. No matter what industry you’re in, you have to deal with things like taxes and accounting and, if you have employees, payroll and human resources (HR).

In short, every company needs help with the back office. The type of help you need just depends on your business goals. We’ve broken down our own customers’ motivations into three categories: gaining control, updating and growing.

Gain Control

When was the last time you felt like you were well and truly on top of every part of your small business? For some of you maybe that was last month, but for a lot you maybe it was never.

No small business owner has the complete skill set to run a business. You can’t be a tax professional, accountant and payroll expert all at the same time. And that’s just three of the administrative duties that fall on your plate. There’s also HR, recruiting, marketing, information technology (IT) and many more.

Update Your Business Operations

Does your business feel like it’s operating in a previous decade? Yours isn’t the only one if that’s the case. Plenty of businesses are operating with dated processes and systems.

As a small business owner, your primary goal is to stay in business and thrive. If your processes are a little 1990s, that’s okay, as long as things are moving forward. But if your competitors are doing the latest and greatest, you’re at a competitive disadvantage, which you may already know.

Grow Beyond a Startup

There’s a big difference between a startup and an established company, and a lot of companies don’t make it past the startup phase.

Even if you’re a rockstar small business owner, you may struggle to get to the next level or know what to do when your company makes the leap. Both take strong strategic planning based on experience and expertise. But if you’ve never been to the next level, you don’t have the experience or the expertise yet to make good strategic decisions. It’s not that you don’t have expertise in your own field, passion or drive, it’s just that it’s a different ball game.

Succeeding as a Small Business Owner

To thrive as a small business owner, you need rock-solid business operations. If you don’t have control, you need to get control. If you need to update, do it. If you want to grow, take steps to make it happen.

A small business owner can’t magically transform into a medium-sized business owner overnight. Especially when you’re bogged down by taxes, accounting and other administrative tasks. But you can do it, with a little help in the back office.



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