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The Ultimate Payroll Process Checklist

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A Checklist and Review of the Details & Processes You Need to Process Payroll

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Payroll has a lot of small moving parts. If you want to reduce the likelihood of errors and streamline your payroll process, start with this Ultimate Payroll Process Checklist to:

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The Ultimate Payroll Process Checklist

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Payroll has a lot of small moving parts. If you want to reduce the likelihood of errors and streamline your payroll process, start with this Ultimate Payroll Process Checklist to:

Getting ready to process payroll?

As the Ultimate Payroll Process Checklist above put on display, there’s a lot to know before starting to process your businesses payroll. And mistakes can be costly.

Take tax deposit frequencies, for example. During the onboarding process for a new Payroll Services client, we discovered that the business owner was mistaken about her tax deposit frequency and had been making monthly deposits instead of semi-weekly. While this sounds like no big deal, after all deposits were being made, it actually meant fines for every single month incorrect deposits were made. Then, of course, there’s interest accrued on the “missing” deposits and the outstanding fines. We’re not talking small fines, either.

Fortunately, we were able to identify this issue right away for the business owner and put our experienced team to work to set up the proper deposits and work with the IRS on getting things straightened out in the least financially-painful way possible. Trust us, it helps to be familiar with how the IRS runs these types of things.

The point of sharing this is not to scare you out of doing your own payroll. (In fact, if you’re dead-set on running your own payroll here’s how to process your payroll in 7 easy steps.) The point is to make sure you understand that every item is important on that payroll process checklist is important so you can move forward on your payroll process as prepared as possible.

Another very important item on the payroll process checklist that, much to our surprise, many business owners overlook or are unaware of is that it’s possible to tie your worker’s compensation insurance directly to the amount of your payroll. This avoids overpaying and underpaying, removes the need for audits and really removes room for errors overall.

One final point we’d like to make about payroll processing is that it’s not just an accounting and tax-related process. It also involves HR requirements (step 4 of the Ultimate Payroll Processing Checklist). When projects span departments that means communication must be clear and consistent. April Ruddell, the Manager of Avitus Group’s Payroll Services, presented a business training webinar on how to streamline payroll, HR and benefits.  It’s about 30 minutes, and if you’re starting to work towards processing your payroll is definitely worth a watch! Watch it in the On-Demand section of our Business Matters webinar library.

We can Help You With Payroll Services

At Avitus Group, our we treat your business as we would our own. We’ll work with you to determine things like tax deposit frequencies based on your look-back period, clean up any tax errors and help you understand the hidden components of payroll so that you can make educated decisions. We’re also here to make sure you’re not overpaying or underpaying on your payroll or unemployment taxes and help guide you through the complexities that come along with them.

We don’t believe in treating payroll like a commodity—we’re here to help every step of the way as your trusted consultant and partner by providing excellent service and peace of mind so you can get back to growing your business.

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