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Make the payroll process smoother by learning the basics.

Free, Printable Payroll Terms Cheat Sheet

A digital guide to help you understand the most common terms used by employers and employees throughout the payroll cycle.

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Tax lingo can make payroll seem complicated.

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1. Date of Hire

An employee’s official first day working for a company, often the date that a new employee completes his or her new hire paperwork.

2. Exempt Employee

Salaried employees (not hourly) who are not paid overtime rates for any labor over 40 hours per week.

3. Gross Pay

Amount paid to employee before deductions, such as taxes and medical premiums, are taken out.

4. Manual Check

A check created and written by an employer to a client outside of regular payroll processing.


The Federal Insurance Contributions Act, passed in 1935, established a payroll tax on both employees and employers in order to fund important social programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Download the Payroll Terms Cheat Sheet now to see more helpful payroll terms.


Payroll Terms Cheat Sheet

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