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Why did you go into business?

Odds are, it was because you found something that got you excited, day after day. An opportunity that allowed you to could create something that is all your own.

But if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’ve found yourself doing less of the work you enjoy because you’re getting bogged down in payroll, human resources, hiring, safety management, and all of the other back office tasks that can bleed your time dry.

Get back your time and protect your business with Avitus Group.

What can Avitus Group do for you?

But if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’ve found yourself doing less of the work you enjoy because you’re getting bogged down in payroll, human resources, hiring, safety management, and all of the other back office tasks that can bleed your time dry.

  • Manage all of your back-office business functions, including payroll and human resources—including HR manuals
  • Evaluate risk and safety issues, create a plan for addressing them and managing any Worker’s Comp claims
  • Help you become the employer of choice, allowing you to better compete for high-quality, hard-to-get employees
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Where do you need help?


Human Resources

  • Assistance with employee performance evaluations
  • Background checks
  • Employment law compliance
  • Unemployment claims
  • Employee training

Safety & Risk Management

  • Consultation on workplace safety activity
  • Provide written safety programs and manuals
  • conduct training
  • Develop action plans
  • Investigate claims
  • Administer employee injury claims

Payroll & Benefits Administration

  • Provide easy-to-use software and trained payroll professionals
  • Processing and distribution of employee compensation, tax reporting, handling of wage garnishments
  • Reporting of new hires
  • Generation of special reports
  • Employee payroll support
  • Employee access to retirement, flexible spending, and supplemental insurance plans

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AvitusNet App & Online Interface

  • Employee-facing access, including mobile paychecks.
  • Admin access and full transparency.
  • Detailed reporting, including time records and check registers.
  • Job cost reports depicting true labor costs.
  • Accessible via mobile and web interfaces.

Paycheck Preparation & Distribution

  • Traditional paychecks, featuring remote check printing to avoid shipping costs.
  • Electronic payment.
  • Pay card for bank-free transactions.

Payroll Compliance & Reporting

  • New hire reporting.
  • Payroll register reporting.
  • Job cost reporting.
  • Benefit payment reporting and processing.
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Professional Accounting Services

Before taking on their first account, our accounting team members undergo a series of different accounting tests to ensure they can provide accurate and efficient work on your account. Representatives come to you knowing the specifics of your accounting needs to help you grow your business.

Management & Monitoring

  • Comprehensive Account Management
  • Accounts Receivable Monitoring
  • Reconciliation
  • Vendor Account Management

Invoicing & Reporting

  • Increase efficiency and encourage company’s growth
  • Quarterly, Weekly, or Monthly Reporting
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Tax Planning & Preparation

Income Tax Compliance

  • Find strategic deductions
  • Organize records and complete income tax filings

IRS Communication

  • Support with providing effective responses to IRS queries for quick resolution

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Human Resources

Employment Law Compliance

  • On-call consultants to assist with understanding of laws and ensure compliance

Transparency Policy & Training

  • Employee handbooks and safety manuals
  • Job descriptions and training procedures
  • Employee reviews, discipline, and termination
  • Employee benefits, retirement planning, and pensions

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Safety & Risk Management

Workplace Inspections & Evaluations

  • Assess the potential for risks

Accident Investigations

  • Conduct a full analysis and help with damage control in the event of an accident

Safety Manuals & IPP Programs

  • Provide and distribute current and comprehensive manuals
  • Develop the right program for your size and type of business

Training Opportunities

  • Provide easy-to-understand information and industry-specific training required by OSHA
  • Establish a positive culture of workplace safety

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Professional Acceleration

Individuals and Teams

  • We offer workshops that provide skills and insights to improve performance, relationships, and communication  among individuals and within teams

Leaders and Managers

  • We offer valuable workshops that help new managers develop new skills and experienced leaders refine those skills

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  • Choose from dozens of policy options—including options that are not available direct-to-the-consumer—from six financially stable, industry-leading insurance carriers
  • Create a single insurance policy that covers all of your commercial lines needs, regardless of your industry
  • Pick the coverages you need. We’ll bundle them into the policy you want and back it with responsive, expert customer service

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Search, Interviews and Negotiation

  • Provide the resources to interview your candidates with a full understanding of your company’s values and needs, as well as the applicable regulations

Skills Testing and Negotiation

  • We’ll take care of any necessary skills testing, salary negotiation, reference inquiries, and comprehensive background checks

Job Ad Packages

  • We’ll advertise your job via all of our online resources and send candidates directly to you

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Branding & Marketing

Brand Strategy & Development

  • Conduct a discovery session to understand your history, current strategy, and future goals
  • Analyze where your current marketing efforts and brand identity could be doing more work
  • Make recommendations and determining a more beneficial brand strategy
  • Explore new brand identity
    components and messaging,
    including developing new materials

Website Design and Development

  • Create a customized website that takes your specific business goals into account, helping you to effectively bring in those conversions
  • Consultation to understand your specific needs and brand.
  • Unique new design created for you by our talented designers.
  • Effective, cutting-edge development to bring your website to life in a lasting way.
  • Customized copy to capture your brand and drive conversions.
  • Collaboration with you to make sure we get it right.

Digital Marketing

  • Our team will help you cherry-pick effective strategies to come up with a plan that uses your budget wisely to bring in the highest ROI possible
  • Search marketing, including SEO development
  • PPC advertising, including Google AdWords, Remarketing, and AdRoll
  • Social media marketing, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Content marketing, including blog posting and newsletters
  • eCommerce development and marketing


  • SEO-focused website copy, landing pages, and blog posts
  • Sales-driven case studies, white papers, and technical pieces
  • Press releases, brochures, print ads, newsletters, and direct mail outreach
  • Product descriptions for print catalogs and eCommerce websites
  • Business letters, proposals, employee manuals, and other important communication

Graphic Design

  • Logo development
  • Packaging design
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Vehicle wrap design
  • Tradeshow displays and materials
  • Print ad, brochure, catalog and specialty publication design, and custom illustration
  • Digital graphics for websites, online banners, online ads, and social media

Public Relations

  • Coordination and distribution of press releases to local and national media.
  • Contact and coordination with media.
  • Brand monitoring to discover possible PR opportunities.

Radio & Video Production

  • Creation of scripts, shot lists, storyboards, and other key elements
  • Hiring of on- and off-camera talent and voiceover professionals
  • Ordering and selecting of sound beds, special effects work, graphics & illustrations, etc.
  • Overseeing production team to manage budget and meet deliverables

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Information Technology

Network Services

  • Set up and maintain your enterprise network for optimal effectiveness

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Backup and recover lost data, as well as get you set up with the best backup method for your business

Web Filtering

  • Keep your network and users safe by blocking access to malicious, hacked, or inappropriate websites

Firewall Protection

  • Provide a line of defense against viruses, hackers, and worms who will try to reach you online

Server and Desktop Care

  • Professional setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Host and manage your server and desktop for a streamlined, hands-off experience
  • Provide resources regarding upkeep and full problem resolution for Microsoft and Apple OSX operating systems, Microsoft Office and other third-party applications, email applications and web browsers, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Phones & Printers

  • We’ll set up your office phone system with features like virtual receptionists, call transfers, extensions, and more
  • We’ll take care of all printing hardware installation and upkeep for you

Mobile, Cloud, and Virtualization

  • Our IT Services team will connect you with all you need for a mobile office setup on job sites and beyond
  • We’ll help you make the switch to using the Cloud as your main backup destination with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, and more — then safely navigate that day-to-day information online using Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Cloud
  • Assist with  3hardware virtualization, you can get all the benefits of a complete computing platform without investing in expensive and hefty physical hardware


  • Our team will help you select appropriate technology vendors as well as maintain those relationships
  • Our IT team can fill in the role of company CIO by taking over strategy, communication, and decision-making with regard to office IT systems

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