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Everything You Need to Know to Make Better Hires

A Business Owner's Guide to Recruiting eBook

It takes skill to find exceptional talent. Whether you're a veteran recruiter or new to the recruiting role, use this comprehensive guide to find, attract, screen and hire better candidates at every stage of the recruiting process.

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Finding the perfect employee takes time, money and great deal of know-how. It's a big investment, and many small businesses lack the experience or formal training necessary to make the recruiting process efficient and accurate. We've created a comprehensive guide to help SMBs navigate the hiring process from start to finish.

Inside the eBook: A Business Owner’s
to Recruiting


1. Getting Started

The first step in the hiring process is making an internal request. We’ve included the hiring manager intake form that our recruiting department uses to outline the qualifications and specifications of the job in question. 

2. Writing A Killer Job Description

Your job description needs to stand out in order to catch a job seeker’s eye. It also needs to include pertinent information to help you make sure every applicant knows what the day-to-day requirements will look like and that they possess the right skills and job experience. This section includes step-by-step instructions for writing an effective job description along with an example.

3. Getting Your Job Posting Out There

After you’ve created your job description you need to get your job ad in front of potential candidates. This means posting to job boards, social media and vetting referrals from your current employees. 

4. Vetting Candidates

Once qualified candidates start rolling in it’s time to start the interview process. We’ve included a checklist for phone screening interviews and a candidate screening evaluation form that you can use to keep internal records of candidates’ screening calls.

5. Interviewing Candidates

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking for the interviewer as well as the interviewee. We’ve compiled some tips to help you properly prepare for an interview, including some do’s, don’ts and questions to ask during the interview.

6. Hiring/Onboarding

A smooth onboarding process help increase employee retention and success. Once you’ve identified and hired the perfect candidate, make sure their first few days are seamless and organized.

Download the full eBook now to access the forms, tips and templates in our recruiter’s toolkit.


A Business Owner’s Guide to Recruiting eBook

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