5 Secrets for Identifying and Hiring the Ideal Candidates

5 Secrets for Identifying and Hiring the Ideal Candidates

Your firm is only as good as the individuals you hire. Pick the right people and you will place your organization on the path of success. On the other hand, hiring the wrong candidates can damage the reputation of your firm, compromise productivity, and it can also be a cause for demotivation. So, the challenge is finding the right talent, and that is becoming more difficult.

Well, at least that is the case for recruiters and HR professionals who rely on conventional recruiting strategies instead of embracing innovative procedures.


Here are 5 Tips for Finding the Right Candidates

1. Implement Employee Referral Programs

The workers you have in-house at the moment can prove a reliable resource during the hiring process. These individuals will most often only recommend someone they trust to do a good job, which will attract savings in terms of the time and cost of acquiring quality talent. In many cases, referrals also become top employees as they also do no want to tarnish the reputation or standing of the person who referred them.


2. Re-Qualify Your Positions and Dispel The “Perfect Fit” Mindset

The benchmark for finding niche talent is a clear job description for any available position. Interestingly, finding a resource that matches your job description is less likely, and that is why being open regarding other attributes that may benefit your company is a wise idea.

For instance, when a pharmaceutical firm is seeking a social media manager, the basis of such recruitment should be on the expertise and experience of a potential candidate in social media engagement. Looking for someone with previous work experience in a pharmaceutical setting, in this case, will be inappropriate.

Additionally, opting for a candidate with experience managing social media aspects across various industries can bring a fresh perspective to your firm in such a situation. The success of such organizations like Google and Facebook is partly due to avoiding the limitations of filling vacancies according to the requirements on paper, which demands looking for talent beyond the “perfect fit” mindset.


3. Define Your Ideal Candidate

Lack of insight into your ideal candidate or candidate persona means finding and attracting the best potential employees will be impossible. You don’t know who you’re trying to attract! Understanding the preferences, characteristics, skills, and motivation of such people is critical when trying to attract candidates that are a good fit for your entity.


4. Network to Find the Best Talent

Networking and building relationships is one of the strategies that most companies use to gain an edge over their competition. This applies to recruitment circles as well. The fact that you want the best individuals to work for your organization and that these same “best people” and their exceptional skills are in high demand means you need to “sell” the value of working with you to potential employees.

Selling the value of working with you goes beyond establishing a brand name and on to focusing on growth beyond designated responsibilities, flexible working hours, and the ability to lead. As such, you or your hiring managers should proactively seek networking opportunities by hosting or attending relevant events. That way, you will not miss opportunities for building a connection with potential employees.


5. Invest in Recruiting Software with A Powerful Sourcing Tool

Searching for job candidates manually is inefficient. Finding job candidates, extracting applicant profiles, and adding them directly to your talent pool is possible using powerful, modern sourcing tools. A powerful sourcing tool can hasten the process of identifying job candidates, giving you more time to build your business or build relationships within your industry.



Hiring the best talent is often a massive responsibility for hiring managers because a company’s health and reputation is at stake at such a time. It is a skillset, one that must be taught and practiced just like any other facet of business. Implementing the tips above will help you acquire the best candidates to work for your firm. Or, you can rely on a 3rd party such as Avitus Group Recruiting to help you attract, identify, and screen the best candidates so that your time is only spent picking from the crème of the crop.


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