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Online Recruiting Basics

online recruiting basics

Before job seekers all had computers in their homes, recruiting took place in a few places: the Sunday newspaper, flyers, word of mouth and store marquis. But now, even newspapers use the web.

These days, if you want to be successful at recruiting, you have to spread the word. And there is no better way to do that, and quickly, than the web.

Job Boards

Job boards are online sites where employers post their jobs. There’s about 40 million online job boards to sift through.

Some cost money, such as CareerBuilder, and some are free, like eBay classifieds. The key to online job boards is to invest only in those that have top talent in their resume database.

A resume database is like a job board, but for candidates. Job seekers can post their resume on the web for employers like you to find.

Steer clear of resume databases that charge a candidate to post their resume online. Never should a candidate pay to do this, but as an employer, be prepared to pay a fee to post your job or view those resumes.

Job Aggregators

A job aggregator is the result of brilliant minds realizing that the number of online job boards was only hindering, not helping, a job seekers attempt to find an employment match.

A job aggregator takes the 40 million online job boards, collects these jobs based on key words and in essence “pushes” them to one central location. This prevents employers from having to manually post their job on multiple job board sites just to get the word out.

Most aggregator sites will have a fee, but if you have a tech-savvy IT guru and a large amount of job openings, it may be worth buying the software that links your careers page right to the major job aggregators.

LinkedIn vs. Facebook

If you know anyone between the ages of 13 and 109, chances are you know someone who uses Facebook. Should you use it for recruiting top talent?

LinkedIn was designed for this purpose; start there instead. Facebook is a great tool for getting the word spread about your new puppy or the flat tire you had on your way to work this morning – 800 million people use Facebook, many of them multiple times a day.

However, LinkedIn is designed for professionals to share their accomplishments, reach out to colleagues and discuss relevant topics such as the importance of a QR code on your resume.

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