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The First Step to Filling an Open Position is Creating a Clear Request

Free Intake Meeting Form Template

This simple intake form template will help you collect and categorize the information you need from your hiring manager or HR department to begin the search for the perfect candidate.

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1. Background

Collect the requirements provided by the hiring manager or HR, including the job title, location, reason for hire, and target start date.

2. Job Responsibilities

These specifications will help you understand the core responsibilities of the position, industry experience necessary, required skills, nice-to-have skills, and indicators of success in the first 90 days.

3. Sourcing Criteria 

Define the areas of the job market you’re hoping to search for candidates in. This criteria includes target companies, universities, job titles, and personality traits necessary to be effective on the team.

4. Compensation

Determine the wage or salary range, bonus structure and equity.

5. Interview Process

Establish what the interview process will look like. Will you conduct group interviews, or have batch days? Also note who will need to be involved and present for each interview.


Intake Meeting Form Template

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