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Finding the Best Employees Requires Mastery of the Hiring Process.

Free Recruiting Terms Cheat Sheet

A quick look at a few of the common technical terms used by recruiters and HR professionals throughout the hiring lifecycle.

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Navigating the talent pool requires skill and knowledge.

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1. Base Wage Rate

The minimum fixed amount of money paid for a position before bonuses, allowances, or any extra compensation is added. 

2. Executive Recruiter

Also known as executive headhunter, an executive recruiter is a recruiting professional who specializes in finding candidates to fill executive positions within a company.

3. Inbound Recruiting

A method of creating targeted, branded content for your recruiting center specifically to increase brand recognition and candidate engagement.

4. Job Requisition

A formal document that states the department managers’ need for new employees and determines the budget needed to make a new hire.

5. Yield Ratio

A key performance indicator that shows what percentage of candidates are interviewed from a specific source and indicates the efficiency of each recruiting method.


Recruiting Terms Cheat Sheet

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