Safety & Risk Management

Strengthen your business and reduce company losses.

You’ve worked too hard to not put safety first.

Let’s face it, accidents happen on job sites, under special circumstances, and even during routine office work. That’s why being prepared for the inevitable workplace accident not only makes logistical sense, but it’s also an important investment for a solid long-term financial strategy. Workplace accidents have the power to sink a ship if it’s not sealed, but if you take the time to weather-proof, there’s no telling how far you’ll go.
Let us show you how we can help.
Avitus Group team members can easily assess the potential for risks by coming to your workplace and creating a report based on our findings. We’ll also provide you a customized safety plan detailing how you can improve. Think of us as part of the team — we’re here to help you be the best you can be.

Ask About Our Co-Employment Offering

For a combined comprehensive offering of risk management, safety and HR management, payroll, and benefits administration, ask us about our co-employment relationship. Through this arrangement, Avitus Group becomes the employer of record for your workforce — which means we take all the headaches and paperwork associated with these tasks completely off your plate.

Avitus Group Safety & Risk Management Services

With a dynamic approach tailored to the needs of each business, Avitus Group’s Safety and Risk Management professionals have worked with hundreds of management teams to streamline the risk management process. We help you take care of compliance, help you make sure your employees are informed and protected, help you keep your work environment safe, and serve as a valuable resource to you when you need an accurate, informed opinion or verification. Schedule a consultation for more information.

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