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Risk & Safety Management

Workplace Safety by the Numbers [Infographic]

Workplace Safety by the Numbers

There’s no question–every employer has a moral and legal obligation to make sure each job site is a safe work environment for all employees. However, there are additional incentives for business owners to prioritize employee safety in his or her company.

Workplace injuries hurt your bottom line.

While no one wants anyone to get hurt at work, people do get complacent and accidents still happen every day. The costs of these preventable workplace injuries, illnesses and accidents are enormous. In 2017 alone, the total cost of workplace injuries in the U.S. reached almost $162 billion including employer costs, damaged equipment, administrative expenses and lost wages. Think of all the other places that money could be spent! Besides, one serious accident on a job site could mean the difference between profitability and bankruptcy for some companies.

Workplace injuries hurt your productivity.

Yearly workplace injuries also inflict devastating blows to production, resulting in nearly 99 million days of lost productivity. This means deadlines get missed, promises to customers are broken and precious time is lost training new specialists. It’s hard to grow a company with that kind of constant disruption.

Accidents hurt morale.

An easily preventable accident can generate waves of unwanted negative publicity and create high and costly employee turnover rates. This may even prevent new talent from considering you as a place they’d like to spend their career at. Would you want to work at a place where there’s a good chance of being injured? Probably not. (And if so, you’d likely expect to be compensated for that higher risk with higher wages!)

Inversely, it’s worth pointing out that a safe and healthy workforce is a wholly more reliable, loyal and productive workforce. If employees feel valued and safe, they can focus on doing their jobs to the best of their ability without anxiety or distraction. If you work hard for them, they’ll have no trouble showing up every day ready to work hard for you.

Make safety a priority at your company–you can’t afford not to.


Don’t let the notion of saving money cost you everything. 

– Steven Kazimir, Avitus Group Regional Safety Manager


Making safety a priority at your company isn’t just good for your employees–it’s good for your bottom line and your business, too. The up-front costs of things like training, assessing risks and hazards and providing personal protective equipment are a small price to pay to prevent major losses in productivity, insurance claims and damage to reputation, to name just a few. If you need an expert’s help making sure you’re meeting OSHA and industry standards, schedule a free workplace safety inspection with us today.


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