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Free Virtual Safety Inspection

The first line of defense against preventable injuries and losses.

Virtual safety inspections are currently available free to help you exceed industry safety standards and protect your bottom line, starting immediately.

offer ends friday, july 31, 2020

Due to COVID-19 exposure potential and travel restrictions this offer is limited to virtual safety inspections only. A virtual inspection is conducted through a video call.

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Get Industry Safety Expert's Recommendations for Improving Workplace Safety

protect yourself

Learn how to keep yourself safe on the job site by identifying hazardous areas and potential risks.

protect your employees

Uphold your employee’s rights to a safe work environment by ensuring the workplace doesn’t put them in harm’s way

protect your business

Defend your company against losses, high turnover rates and worker’s comp claims while increasing productivity.

Inside your free virtual safety inspection.

These days, the importance of the well-being of your employees and safety of the workplace and is at an all-time high. The costs of a workplace incident go far beyond insurance claims– high turnover, loss in production, and damage to equipment could be the difference between profitability and bankruptcy. Our team of professionals provide comprehensive and actionable advice to improve safety and guarantee compliance. Over the course of the virtual inspection, you'll get:

Make your workplace safer now.

Safety is a moral obligation to your employees– but it's also good for business. A safe and healthy workforce is a more reliable, loyal, and productive workforce. Plus, a safe environment attracts and retains the best talent. By creating a company culture of safety, you'll increase your bottom line while protecting the livelihoods and families of your workers.

For the first time we went 768 days without a recordable and our last record was 1048 days. Between the efforts of Alaska Roteq being committed to safety and the assistance of Avitus this has allowed us to create a safer working environment.
Jeremy R.
VP Operations, Alaska Roteq Corporation

Learn more about Avitus Group Safety & Risk Management Services.

According to OSHA, in addition to saving an average of $4 to $6 dollars for every dollar spent on preventative safety measures, workplaces with successful safety and health management systems reduce injury and illness costs 20-40%. Start saving right away.

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