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Professional Employer Services in the San Ramon Area

We offer employment services so that you can go back to getting the things done in your business that drive revenue. No more 12-hour days when taxes come around, troubleshooting your own IT network, completing payroll and trying to keep up a social media presence all on your own. Partner with Avitus Group, a top PEO company in San Ramon, CA to take these back office to-dos off your list so that you can focus on why you got into business to begin with. 

What Our Clients Say

Leverage the Power of a Professional Employer Organization

If you’re a small business owner, you know how tough it can be to juggle all your responsibilities. You’ve got a company to run, employees to manage, goods and services to distribute, and operations to oversee. Now, throw scouting and hiring new employees, managing HR and benefits, payroll, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, and all the other aspects of staffing your business into that mix and you’ve got an extremely full plate.

This is where hiring a professional employer organization can really benefit you. A professional employer organization, or a PEO, is a company that takes care of every aspect of employment so that you don’t have to. By becoming the employer of record as a PEO, Avitus Group becomes responsible for those administrative obligations and liabilities that fall under payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and safety & risk management. The business owner can then focus on being the best at what they offer, while we take care of the rest.

Avitus Group is a PEO that has been helping small business owners grow their businesses throughout San Ramon for years. We handle every aspect of employment so that you can focus on why you started a business in the first place. We’re betting it wasn’t to do paperwork.

Every Aspect of Employment and More, Handled

At Avitus Group, we offer a wide range of employer services in addition to PEO to help you with every aspect of running a business that you face, ensuring that you’re able to keep your focus on running your organization without sweating the back-office details of having employees.

We’ll assist you with everything you can think of, including:

How We Work

Step One: Get in Touch

To get started, you’ll want to reach out to our team and speak with a Business Consultant. The Business Consultant will perform a diagnostic of your business with you, identifying your pain points, uncovering inefficiencies and looking for the best ways to put time back into your day while leaving money in your wallet. 

Step Two: Get a FREE Quote

Next, we’ll generate an estimate based on the services your business needs most. We customize all our quotes so that you can focus on what is most urgent while getting the lowest price to keep money in your pocket while still getting the support you require.

Step Three: Get Started

After we’ve agreed on a start date and you’ve signed your contract, we get to work! 

We're Your First Choice for Employer Services in San Ramon, CA

We’ve been serving businesses in San Ramon, CA for years. We truly understand the landscape that local businesses are facing, so when you partner with our team you can be confident that you are being taken care of by a PEO that understands your business needs and that’s here to support you no matter what.

Payroll Services

Take a vacation at the end of every pay period – you’ve earned it.

Ultimately, payroll is a task that every business has to do. However, it is an obligation that doesn’t make the business any money, and takes up valuable time and energy. Avitus Payroll is designed to give this lost time back to the business owner, while our staff works diligently to ensure that their payroll is executed in a manner that is convenient, efficient, and reliable. 

Avitus Payroll is a cloud-based service that enables our clients to manage all of their payroll functions efficiently and accurately, saving time and money. Our platform is extremely robust and has the capabilities of tracking employees and producing any necessary payroll reports. 

Accounting Services in San Ramon, Richmond, Concord and Antioch

With the right team behind you, finances don’t have to be a frustration.

Studies show that businesses with professional accounting are two times more likely to succeed. This is because businesses with up-to-date accounting have more accurate information regarding their finances, allowing them to respond to situations in an informed and timely manner to improve the overall performance of their business. The Accounting Team at Avitus Group can give you that clarity.

Our team works closely with each one of our clients to understand their business and become their trusted advisor. This allows our clients to have the confidence that their financial information is accurate and timely, while also having the peace-of-mind that someone is always there to provide guidance and assistance.

Save Time and Money with Co-Employment Services

You think big picture, we'll take care of the paperwork details.

There are many benefits of working with a co-employer organization, but a few of the biggest reasons that small business owners turn to Avitus Group for their support are because of the time and money that working with our team saves.

Our most popular offering at Avitus Group, the co-employer relationship allows business owners to focus on growing their business and creating revenue, while we take care of their nonproductive administrative obligations.

By becoming the employer of record, Avitus Group becomes responsible for those administrative obligations and liabilities that fall under payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and safety & risk management. The business owner can then focus on being the best at what they offer, while we take care of the rest.

Marketing & Branding Services in the San Ramon Area

Get a team of marketing experts for the salary of one.

Marketing and Branding have a direct impact on your bottom line. But how effective is your marketing dollar spend?

Our marketing services department is made up of a group of specialists, all of which share the goal of generating growth and revenue for our clients. Whether our team is developing a website, running a social media campaign, placing billboards or making video ads,  we provide our clients with a measurable return on their investment

Commercial Insurance Provider in Northern California

Custom coverage, responsive customer service.

If you’re like most small to medium-sized businesses, you don’t have the time or resources to deal with multiple insurance carriers and policies. You want to protect your business, not spend your days on the phone.

We’ve done the discovery work and chosen six great insurance carriers with dozens of commercial lines options. We can bundle the coverage you need for a single solution from a single source, so you can protect your company without a hassle.

Recruiting Services for Businesses in Contra Costa County

Want to be the best? Then hire the best.

From reading resumes to conducting interviews and on through making a competitive offer it takes a lot of time and resources to find the best candidates for your open positions. It’s especially challenging when hiring for a role that you do not have expertise in!

From office assistants to CEOs, our recruiting service in Northern California is tailored to finding the right fit for your organization using two different methods.

Tax Planning & Preparation for Businesses in the Bay Area

Spending too much time on taxes? We can help.

Doing your business’s taxes yourself can cost you time and money. Even worse, it could get you into trouble with the IRS. We offer full tax planning and preparation services from professional tax experts to take the burden and responsibility off your shoulders. 

We’re here to help you navigate the tax laws in California, to help you maintain compliance and to save you money by making the all the right deductions.

Change the Way You Manage Your Business

Get started with the team at Avitus Group and change the way that you manage your business. We’re here to support you through thick and thin, offering you a wide range of employer services that keep you moving forward and that ensure your success as a team well into the future. 

Reach out to us today, and we’ll get you set up with a quote for employer services that empowers you as a company and helps you move forward toward greater success.

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