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Have you read the news lately?

Have you read about the Ransomware Cyber Attack that brought Atlanta to it’s knees – grounding city services? One council member even lost 16 years of data! This is exactly why we’re offering our network security assessment from St. Louis to Springfield – to make sure our local businesses are protected, and your important data isn’t held ransom like Atlanta’s was.

Cities, Companies Should Heed Warning of Atlanta Ransomware Attack, Say Experts

City officials in Atlanta have continued to recover after the ransomware attack on municipal computer systems late last month that reportedly hit at least five out of 13 departments…

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Time Is Running Out For Atlanta In Ransomware Attack

Time is running out for the city of Atlanta, which was given until Wednesday to pay off the cyber attackers who laid siege to city government data and are threatening to wipe the computers clean…

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The Ransomware That Hobbled Atlanta Will Strike Again

FOR OVER A week, the City of Atlanta has battled a ransomware attack that has caused serious digital disruptions in five of the city’s 13 local government departments.

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