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Simplify, strengthen and grow your business through the Avitus Group broad suite of customized business services.

Our highly trained, deeply experienced teams can handle almost any situation with a can-do attitude and desire to quickly meet a challenge. You can choose to hire Avitus Group for a single service or elect to partner with us through an Avitus Group Group Membership.

Prior to onboarding our members, we make sure Avitus Group is a good fit for your company. Our professional staff is interested in your success, and if we don’t feel we can help you, we won’t waste your time or money.

Is your business difficult to manage? Would you like to have a single company handle all your administrative hassles? If you are looking for a full suite of administrative services that support your business, we offer a unique partnership that aligns your goals with our skills.

Avitus Group Membership empowers you to focus on the reason you went into business in the first place. Leave the payroll, human resources and benefits, accounting services, training and safety concerns to us!

As an Avitus Group member, you’ve got a legion of certified, trained and experienced professionals all working to achieve your best outcomes: higher revenues, lower costs, reduced risks, happy workforce, legal and regulatory compliance, and more. We can also help save you thousands of dollars each year. All this without giving up equity or paying the high costs of internal management.

How Membership Works

When you enroll as an Avitus Group Member, we provide daily accounting services, weekly payroll services, monthly financial reporting, human resources management, recruitment, training for employment and safety, assistance with compliance, and other back-office support.

One of the primary benefits to an Avitus Group Membership is our organizational strength. We partner with your business to become the employer of record for your employees. This saves you from filing independently in multiple states and saves you thousands in tax payments.

By partnering with Avitus Group, you’ll also save money and time when you’ve got a trained, experienced, multifunction enterprise handling your day-to-day administration. We keep up to date on all the changing regulations and standards in your industry so you don’t have to. You get the proven strength of a multi-layered, global leader who can help simplify your administrative responsibilities strengthen your organization and workforce, and grow your business locally, nationally and/or internationally!

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