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Whether you cater to other businesses or to consumers, your ability to meet your growth goals depends on attracting customers and turning a lead into a sale. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your marketing dollars.

Contracting your marketing to Avitus Group gives you the opportunity to maximize your investment and gives you access to an experienced team of professionals skilled in all aspects of marketing.  Beginning with a free marketing analysis, we evaluate what you’re spending now and how well it’s performing for you. We then make recommendations as to how to improve your return on investment within your existing budget.

Avitus Group Marketing clients receive a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan designed to build brand awareness, increase presence on- and off-line, increase leads and improve sales. You will also receive regular reports detailing the results of each of your marketing efforts.

Our marketing services include:


It’s more important than ever to distinguish yourself from your competition by building a brand that tells your target customers not only what products or services you offer, but also how you offer them.  Avitus Group Marketing will help you create, build and reinvigorate your brand by:

  • Conducting a discovery session with you and key employees to explore your company’s history, what you’re doing now and what you’re hoping to accomplish in the future
  • Analyzing your current and former marketing efforts as well as your company’s brand identity
  • Developing materials and recommendations based on our brand discovery and analysis
  • Depending on your needs and preference, explore new brand identity components and messaging

As an Avitus Group Marketing client, you’ll have access to writers skilled in a variety of specialties. Each has one goal: to create engaging, effective content that shares your story and brings customers to your business.

  • Search engine optimization focused web content, including blogs, sales messages and case studies
  • High-quality press releases, articles, white papers and technical pieces
  • Brochures, print ads, direct mail items, emails and other sales copy
  • Product descriptions for print catalogs and e-commerce websites
  • Business letters and other communications

Create a powerful brand image and capture the attention of your target market with stunning graphics created by experienced designers. From logo design to large-format signs and components, our graphics team will develop elements that distinguish you in the marketplace, demonstrate your company’s advantages and achieve your strategic objectives.

  • Packaging design
  • Custom illustration
  • Logo development
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Tradeshow displays and materials
  • Vehicle wrap design
  • Print ad, brochure, catalog and specialty publication design
  • Digital graphics for websites, online banners, online ads and social media communities

When you want to publicize your new product, encourage attendance at your next event or otherwise build brand and name recognition for your company, our public relations team is here to help.

  • Coordination and distribution of press releases to local and national media
  • Contact and coordination with media
  • Brand monitoring to discover possible PR opportunities

Traditional media, including radio and television ads, can still deliver powerful results for companies of all sizes. It’s also important for businesses like yours to consider the right way to use video on your website and as part of your social media marketing effort. Working with professional photographers, videographers, production teams and editors, the marketing professionals at Avitus Group will:

  • Create scripts, shot lists, storyboards and other key elements
  • Find and hire on- and off-camera talent
  • Screen and hire voiceover professionals
  • Order and select sound beds, special effects work, etc.

If you’re ready to grow your business, Avitus Group Marketing is ready to help. Contact us today for your free marketing analysis and to learn more about the opportunities available when you make us your advertising partner.


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