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Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Spending too much time on taxes? We can help.

Does the very mention of taxes make you roll your eyes and shake your head? If so, we understand.  After all, you may have found yourself devoting far too much time monthly, quarterly and annually trying meet all of the requirements for a variety of agencies. You still might worry about if your tax burden is too high, your payments too low or your records insufficient.

It’s a full-time job to make sense of the thousands of pages of complicated Internal Revenue Service regulations, rules and case law. That’s why Avitus Group has full-time time tax preparation and planning professionals here to help you.

Led By Experienced Tax Accountant’s, Our Business Tax Planning And Preparation Experts Will:

  • Evaluate opportunities to limit your tax liability
  • Analyze tax issues and offer appropriate solutions
  • Assist you in responding to Internal Revenue Service notices
  • Project tax payment impact on cash flow and consult with you on maintaining proper compliance
  • Recommend qualified legal counsel if required
  • Properly and thoroughly prepare your tax forms and supporting documentation

Get more information about our tax planning and preparation services and learn how a comprehensive tax plan can strengthen your financial health and that of your business. Contact Avitus Group today.


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