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Total confidence that your employees share your dreams. Attract, hire, and retain employees using the most powerful method ever invented. Video appeals to every learning style and is a powerful way to convey your message. We listen to your needs and create work that is not only effective, it’s something that you and your staff can be proud of.

Custom Employee Orientations

Custom Training Videos and Training Manuals

Video for Web Content

Employee Introduction Videos-used primarily for customer care providers that communicate primarily via phone or email. Customers enjoy having a “face” to connect with the voice and improves the customer experience and relationship.

We can re-purpose content for multiple lengths and uses. We can use any footage or photos you already have, develop those assets for you, or a combination of both. In the end you receive work that is exclusively yours.

Case Study: Town and Country Supply Association

The Challenge

  1. A multifaceted, complex company needs to educate their new employees to achieve three main results:
  2. Improve employee retention by increasing awareness of the size and number of opportunities within the Town and
    Country divisions.
  3. Increase awareness of the varying products and services Town & Country offers so that when a customer
    expresses a need that could be fulfilled by another division the employee can inform the customer and
    keep the customer from shopping with a competitor.
  4. Build pride for the brand with the employees and improve customer service.

Three versions of the video were created. A short Introductory version for the Town & Country website, a longer version for use at their annual Patron Meeting, and a longer Employee Orientation for all new employees joining the Town & Country team. If you are interested in an Employee Orientation video, please watch that version first because the other two are simply re-purposed versions of that video.

  • Town & Country Supply Association overview (3 MIN)
  • Town & Country Supply Association (7.5 MIN)
  • Town & Country Supply Association employee orientation (9.5 MIN)

Avitus Group Supervisor Video Training Series

What if your employees could take a fifteen minute coffee break each day next week and by the end of the week finish a training complete with a certificate? And what if it was all done on their phone, tablet, Ipad, or computer but came with a training manual in PDF that they can print or keep digitally for future reference?

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