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What you can do to support small local businesses

It seems like there’s rarely an hour or two that goes by that news doesn’t come in about the impact of COVID-19 (aka coronavirus), and we’re not necessarily about talking about the hoarding of bathroom and cleaning supplies. In fact, all too often, we’re hearing about decisions that are impacting our lives, our communities…and our businesses.

So what can you do to help small businesses in crisis? We have a few ideas for you.

1 Can’t dine in? Carry out.
Restaurants run on a reasonably thin margin and depend on a consistent diner flow. Recent government changes have closed many dine-in options, slashing potential profits. But you can help.  Many are now offering curbside pickup, allowing you can get your favorite burger, salad, or falafel just like always—while supporting your go-to diner or pub.

2 Buy a Gift Card
Buying a gift card or gift certificate can provide much-needed income flow for a small business owner, buying them a bit of time. Want to take it one step further? Consider purchasing a gift card to a local restaurant and gift it to someone who may have had their hours cut during this outbreak. You’ll help them and a great business all at the same time.

3 Shop Little and Local
Big box stores may sell paper towels by the truckload, but when it comes to the basics, consider hitting up your local market. Yes, they might even be a bit more expensive, but you paying a few dollars more for your items could make a massive difference in that corner store’s ability to stay open.

4 Shop Online
Did you know that many local stores also have an e-commerce presence? You may not be in the mood to leave your house, but you can still purchase products from small businesses. Amazon will make it through this downturn; small businesses need you.

5 Spread the Word
Word of mouth advertising is often the least expensive and highest-producing marketing available for any company—especially small ones. Don’t keep your favorites to yourself. If you hear that your favorite eatery is doing curbside pickup, tell your friends. It costs you nothing and the business nothing, but it might be just the boost they need.

This coronavirus will have an impact on business, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of business. By coming together to support the companies you love to do business with, you can help small local businesses get through the COVID-19 outbreak and thrive afterward.

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