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With one of the most robust economies worldwide, a highly-trained workforce, and a variety of urban and rural markets, the United States is known for its positive business climate. High rates of consumerism and a large middle class mean that Americans possess the level of discretionary income ideal for supporting new products and services, and many states also offer tax advantages and other benefits to newly established businesses. For those looking to expand their businesses overseas, the U.S. is a land of opportunity.

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Creating a United States Entity

Avitus Group begins our relationship by helping you assess what type of entity you’d like to create in the United States — then we jump in to take care of the necessary paperwork with the US government. You’re on your way!

Tax Planning for United States Entity

When you work with us, you’ll have the advantage of our insight into federal, state, and local laws. This ensures that you can get around avoid the red tape and get started on the right foot.

Location Evaluation & Selection

Whether you are looking to build a manufacturing facility or a tech company, we can help you identify the right place for your new U.S. entity based on available resources, potential employees, and customers.

Market Research

Using our network of research professionals, Avitus Group can help you take an informed approach to introducing your product or service to the US. Through market research, we’ll test potential responsiveness to your product, understand the industry competition, identify potential partners, and check out response to entry.

Banking Support

Establishing a positive relationship with the right banking partner is a critical part of your company’s success. Let us assist you with getting together the necessary documentation to open your US bank account.

Visa & Immigration Support

Although hiring local workers is often a beneficial part of a U.S. entry strategy, bringing in key personnel from your primary office(s) can ease the transition into a new market. Avitus Group provides support in ensuring that your employees meet all guidelines to work in the U.S.

Ask about additional assistance with:

  • Obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Foreign Corporation Filings
  • Assistance Opening Federal and State Tax Accounts

Recruiting & Retaining U.S. Employees

U.S. workers are well-educated, skilled, and productive. They also prize work-life balance, comprehensive benefits, and high levels of workplace interaction. Our team knows how to attract and retain the best workforce for your company, as well as where to look for them.

Tax Planning and Preparation

When you work with Avitus Group, we’ll help you manage all ongoing U.S. tax paperwork such as annual returns and filings for your both your business and yourself.

Information Technology Services

Avitus Group’s IT team is skilled in working within a variety of industries to optimize the usage of business technologies and protect your information so that you can grow with confidence.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping teams at Avitus Group help you stay on top of your record-keeping, compliance, payroll, and cash flow.

US Marketing and Branding Services

Getting your brand and your products into the minds and hands of Americans requires an understanding of their mindset, buying practices, and preferences. Together, we can identify your brand strengths and opportunities to effectively target your ideal customers.

Ask About Our Co-Employment Offering

Since U.S. employment laws can be particularly complicated, it often makes sense for foreign companies to set up a co-employer relationship with Avitus Group. This arrangement allows a business owner to step into the U.S. market without all of the liability of starting with no support.

When you embark on a co-employment relationship with us, you receive all the advantages of expanding into the U.S. without any of the regulatory responsibility. We pay your employees, assume payroll tax liability, and manage human resource tasks such as processing payroll and tax information, handling worker’s compensation claims, maintaining personnel records, providing safety and risk management, and administering benefits.

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Land of opportunity

Avitus Group International Services

When you decide to expand to the United States, the biggest hurdle you’ll face is your own uncertainty. After all, how can you be an expert in a foreign market — much less in a country that contains 50 different sets of state laws?

That’s where Avitus Group comes in. With our extensive network of professionals from a variety of business backgrounds, Avitus Group’s International Planning team has the professionalism and resourcefulness you’re looking for to assist your transition. From planning your entry into the U.S. market to helping you sustain your business, our team offers the combination of customized and comprehensive support you need. We even offer co-employment services that mitigate your risks and responsibilities on U.S. soil. Schedule a personal consultation today.

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