Spending too much time on taxes? We can help.

Does the very mention of taxes stress you out? Do you dread the end of the year? We completely understand. After all, taxes are a huge responsibility, and staying on top of your record-keeping, paperwork, and payments quickly becomes time-consuming, with no clear assurance you’re doing things correctly. It’s worth bringing in an expert — so why not bring on a professional who benefits from the support of an experienced team?

Let us show you how we can help.

Making a mistake on your year-end taxes can be costly — but missing out on a deduction you’re entitled to can be worth just as much. From considering the most strategic deductions to organizing your records and completing your income tax filings, we have you covered across the board.

In the event that the IRS does reach out to you for further documentation or questions regarding your tax filing, we’ll support you in providing effective responses to their queries for a quick resolution.

Compliance is much easier when you’re prepared, which is why we like to help our clients look ahead to the coming tax filing when organizing their records and finance. We’ll help you get your ducks in a row so this year’s taxes are a piece of cake.

And through our Payroll Department, we also offer detailed payroll tax processing. For more information, schedule a consultation.

Bring in the experts

Avitus Group Tax Service

Avitus Group’s Tax Services Department is a group of trained tax specialists who bring decades of experience in resolving small business tax issues. We’re familiar with the specific laws in your state and value an ongoing conversation with the goal of keeping you informed and helping you maintain compliance, while making sure to save money.

We provide continuous evaluation for opportunities to limit your tax liability, analysis of tax issues and appropriate solutions, assistance in responding to IRS and state tax notices, projection of tax payment impact on cash flow, recommendations for qualified legal counsel if required, and thorough preparation of your tax forms and supporting documentation. Schedule a personal consultation today.

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