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Benefits of Web-Based Time Tracking

Web-based employee time tracking is a simple solution for tracking employee hours, which has historically been a time-consuming, difficult task.

With web-based time-tracking software, however, business owners and managers can automate the system. For the most part, they never have to spend time verifying employee hours.

Web-Based Timekeeping

Thousands of companies are turning to web-based time tracking systems, including large companies like McDonalds and Boeing. When an employee gets to work, they go to their computer, pull up a web page and “punch in.”

Web-based time tracking systems then gather all “punches” from the web, crunch them based on payroll policies like pay period, overtime, departments, holidays, schedule, benefit hours and rounding, and archives it for future reference.

Also, if a company has an employee who works in a remote area without internet access, the system can be set up to allow that employee to “punch in” via phone call.

Accurate, Easy Timekeeping

Many of these systems can calculate overtime and double-time based on each state’s own laws, which saves you from doing manual calculations. It saves you a lot of time, but most importantly it saves you from making costly mistakes.

Overtime calculations are always automatically calculated and accurate with the web time clock, which is very important because if an employee is not paid out overtime accurately, it could result in a wage and hour claim…and no one wants that.

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